Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I would love to find: middle grade adventure stories, animal stories (talking or real), real children in an unreal world, and, please, some funny novels. Make me laugh out loud!

How about a 21st century Wrinkle in Time or Incredible Journey?

Younger end YA - I'd love some great realistic voices - not necessarily with hard edged issues, more about coming of age, growing up and the experience of being a teen and finding out more about yourself. Insight and humor would be a bonus!

I have a special passion for really great novels for 7-9 year olds.


  1. Do you have submission guidelines listed anywhere? :) I apologize if I've missed them, but I didn't see any.

  2. Hi Fiona, I'd love to submit but can't seem to find an email address for you.
    Sylvia Patience

  3. Hmmmm, I think Catching Dreams might be right up this alley. I am with Amy above - don't see a way to submit to you?
    Best to YOU!
    Julie Michaels
    abfabwords at yahoo

  4. See my post CONTACT EMAIL FOR SUBMISSIONS blogged in February: fiona@transatlanticagency.com. Full guidelines are on the Transatlantic website.